Need help to automate download / publish of audio to podcast player

Need some automation help.

There is a website that I hosts .mp3 files and uploads a new one weekly. Ultimately I would like them to just have a podcast RSS link I can add to my player, but this has not happened yet. In the end, I would also like for the new files to be added to my podcast player (

My workflow thought:
1) Check site daily for new content
2) If new content, download to computer
3) Take new downloaded content and upload to (requires manual input)

So, I am trying to write a script that will check the site for new content daily, and pull down anything new … either since the script last ran or files that are not already in a local folder.

Or, if someone knows how I can write an RSS link to pull directly from the site, without adding it to the site, that would work even better.

If you create a free HuffDuffer account, that might(?) simplify things as you can effectively create your own ad hoc RSS feed which you can include in Overcast (I do :wink: )

I haven’t see anything that totally automates the addition of the URL, as the addition for HuffDuffer always seems to have been a bookmarklet sort of approach (or Workflow/Shortcuts & share sheet). If there isn’t something native (I note the API doesn’t have anything listed), then if you have access to the Fake browser app, or Keyboard Maestro, then you can probably work around that.

Hope there’s something useful in that.

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I did see HuffDuffer recommended on another post, and I am playing around with that. But from what I can tell, I still have to manually add each audio file, rather than being able to point at a page and have it update with the new files every week.

I would say that HuffDuffer is a partial solution to my problem. Thanks.