My wonderful world of iOS

Hey everyone :wave:

I recently created a GitHub repository where I share everything I use on my phone. All the apps and Siri shortcuts as well as how and why I use each of the apps. It was inspired by another repo I shared to go through my macOS workflow.

Would love to hear your thoughts on it. Here is the repository.


nice list for the macOS:-) I was intrigued by Pixave, do you know if you can export the tags back to the original photos without having to export them, which would recompress them in case of jpegs I guess?

I am not sure about it. I believe itโ€™s not possible.

ok thanks nikivi, to bad.

I feel like Iโ€™m peaking into your world lol. The Repo idea is amazing and I found a few gems in terms of apps like scriptable that Iโ€™ve never heard of.

Iโ€™m checking out your Mac apps version as well.

Thank you for the share! I found this super valuable.

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