My First Workflow!

Well, thanks to @MacSparky @RosemaryOrchard and their amazing new podcast I have finally cracked Workflow, I fully understand all of the Apps features and after a bit of tinkering got my head around a few bits that threw me and built my first (non iTunes) workflow.

My wife has returned to work (flexi-time) after being a stay at home Mum for many years, and has a few health/medication issues that often lead to forgetfulness. So when she accepts a shift over the phone she presses TWO BUTTONS on her iPhone to do the following:-

  • Enter her shift date/time/location into her work calendar so she no issues remembering when her next shift is.
  • Send me a text message so that she doesn’t have to remember to tell me she has accepted a shift.
  • Sets ME a reminder to talk to my boss and make sure our shifts don’t clash with childcare.
    How cool?!

This is so practical!

This is a great use case!

Sounds like a great Idea. I’m looking to do something similar to what you did. But does it automatically send you a text or does your wife have to enter your name as the contact?

Workflow can prepopulate the contact. It just can’t auto send a text message. You have to confirm it.

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I was hoping that iOS 12 would be able to push the button. I don’t believe it can—at least not in the beta. However, you can active a Shortcut Shortcut and use your voice to send it which is not ideal but works in many instances.

But presumably only if you are not capturing the inputs the OP was incorporating. There’s no provision in this release to have any input or interaction if the shortcut is to be run via voice trigger. At least that’s how I understood it; but I’d be very happy to be proven wrong on that point.

I have a shortcut that sends my wife a text saying I’m on the way home. When triggered by voice, it asks me if I want to send the message using Siri “would you like to send this message?” However, it also displays a dialog box on screen with “send” and “cancel” buttons. Thus, it requires me to confirm the behavior of sending the message verbally or via touch. I’m not sure if this helps clarify things.

Yes, so there’s no capture of additional information, menus, input boxes, etc. Just the standard SMS send confirmation.

Yep. :unamused: However, this should change with the Shortcuts app, correct?

If I trigger a shortcut by name, apart from it often just hanging on the Siri screen, if there’s an input it’ll jump into the Shortcuts app to process it. I can’t verbally manage those.

I haven’t tried running one like that from the lock screen, and Siri is having one of those senior moment periods where she does her best KITT impression of panning left and right eternally, but I’m assuming I get an unlock prompt and then jumped into the app for manual interaction,

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I would also like to drop the details of each calendar entry into a Numbers spreadsheet, can this be done with just Workflow?