Music Filtering with Airpods

I use dislike and love ratings to sort the tracks that I want to keep and ones to delete. I have a smart playlist that shows all the disliked tracks. I go to this list from time to time and delete all of the tracks from my drive and iTunes match.

Challenge: When I listen to a new album during a workout, I use Airpods double tap to skip the tracks that I do not like. I don’t want to be touching the phone to do this as it takes several steps and I have to take gym gloves off.

Attempts: Create a smart playlist that shows all of the tracks that were skipped within the past two days. Unfortunately iTunes on my Mac does not show any tracks that were skipped. I am not sure what criteria iTunes uses dor determining a skipped track. Maybe this has something to do with me using iOS 13.1 beta.

Any thoughts?

Probably you could do it with a combination of skipped count and last played date in a smart playlist, but I don’t know if these fields exist in iTunes… at least Shortcuts can access these fields which suggests that iTunes should also be able to…

The problem is that this smart playlist does nothing on iTunes when it comes to getting the data from iOS.

That seems odd…

Well another way would be to creating the playlist on iOS with Shortcuts. But you would have to run it manually every time you want to update it and it would create a new playlist every time it runs, leaving you to delete the old one manually.