Multiple variables from a menu action

I would appreciate your help in doing two things:

FIRST, please help me extract/output more than one variable out of a menu.

Specifically, I want to use the shortcut to copy text from an email and extract the Sponsor data and number of guests. I can then determine the room type and total dollar amount. From there, I intend to populate a NUMBERS spreadsheet to create an attendee roster. First, I have to gather the data and thats where I’m stuck.

As designed, the Guest menu outputs text of the names of our guests exactly as intended. However, when I add a CALCULATE action outside the menu in order to ALSO pull the Qty out of the same menu, the Guestmenu output changes to a Number. I need to get both names and qty out of the menu.

SECOND. This runs slowly on my iPad. I assume thats because its poorly designed. Is there a more streamline way to design this shortcut to increase speed?

To see this work, you’ll need ToolboxPro. You’ll also need to copy the text to your clipboard (see the text box at the top of the shortcut). The text represents the email that I would share to SHORTCUTS.

I’d appreciate any assistance!

Retreat Shortcut