Multiple posts and replies flagged as spam

Dearest @admins - I don’t know if it’s a consequence of my recent efforts to post about FastScripts 3.2, or if somebody has actually gone along and marked multiple of my posts and replies as spam, but multiple posts, some of them quite innocuous have been flagged as “overly commercial.” If the announcements about major updates to FastScripts are indeed considered too commercial, I’m happy to rein that in. I only post them because I perceive a genuine interest in this community. But also an innocuous reply from me on the Automators Podcast thread about my appearance has also been flagged. It seems at least that one is an aberration.


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This happens at technical conferences (which I frequent). I’d say it’s rather hard to make a useful contribution without mentioning features of your own product. And, as with conferences, useful contributions is what it’s all about.

I hadn’t viewed yours as “hard sells”.

Thanks, Martin! I’m glad to hear at least you see it that way.