Morning Review Shortcut with Inspiration from iBanks

I created a simple workflow in the Workflow app to open a bunch of apps, wait, and exit as sort of my Morning Review routine.

I was browsing the iOS section of this forum and came across @iBanks excellent post:

I downloaded the shortcut, poked around in it, and decided to edit my original Morning Review shortcut. His examples have sort of made things a bit clearer to me, as Shortcuts is more of a synchronous way of programming which is something I am not used to. So I came up with my own shortcut called Morning Review.

You can find the Shortcut here.


That’s pretty cool! I might fork that one off as well :wink:

Any chance you can share the iCloud link vs Dropbox?

Sure thing. Here it is.

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Thanks! I added it to the this list.