More inexplicable behavior from the Shortcuts app. App launched from Home Screen running twice?

(Just to get it out of the way: iPad Pro 11”, all software up to date, turned off and on, closed app, etc) If i could add up all the time I take troubleshooting vs being productive. Ok, I have a Shortcut that asks me a date and time to set up a Dr’s appointment. It adds a template in OmniFocus and enters the date and time in Fantastical. When I run the Shortcut from the Shortcuts app it works fine. When I add the Shortcut to the Home Screen (or from the Shortcuts widget), however, it asks for the info, then does NOT enter the info into Fantastical, then opens up the Shortcuts app, asks for the information again, and THEN completes the Shortcut with the info in Fantastical. Obviously when you launch the same Shortcut from two different places it shouldn’t do the exact same thing, but for the sake of argument, is there a way to make the Shortcut work correctly when launching it from the Home Screen?