Mobile Data (Limits) notification

Ios 14.5 and still no Mobile Data control via notifications?!
There is a free app, Traffic Monitor, but it gives a widget in the General Widget screen, not in a widget frame. Still, this app can fetches the data info on mobile and wifi status.
In Tthe list of the Ios URL’s, there is a URL that opens the Mobile Data overview, but the only data that is interested is the Current Period status.
Any idea how to get this info in a variable.
In addition, the Personal Hotspot info could also be interested, in case the children are using the Mobile Hotspot of a shared Mobile network.
It should be nice to view on the home screen the status of the Mobil Data usage😉

As an aside, do check with your service provider. Globally, many cellular data service providers will provide notifications on utilisation, and/or updates when you request them via text message.

While absolutely not in the spirit of net neutrality, some providers will also provide zero data utilisation on specific services that data tracking tools on a device generally will not track. This is another reason to look into what your provider can offer in terms of data tracking.

Some accounts also have shared data utilisation (I think that’s sometimes how people have iPad and iPhone linked on one account, or an Apple Watch, or even a family account), which means that shared data pots being used by multiple devices can only be monitored correctly centrally and not on a single device’s solo utilisation.

Furthermore, some providers will offer web pages that could be scraped or API calls that could be used to access such data that would take into account the above.

The above points all come own to what your cellular data provider offers you, and that can vary dramatically by provider. Even the same provider across different geographies.

I am very fortunate in that I am able to use a UK cellular provider which has no bandwidth cap on mobile data, and not even a fair use guideline, meaning I need never concern myself with requiring such tracking any more in day-to-day use.

Thnx for the info.
The (Belgium) Orange provider gives indeed info on the Data used and Data left to use.
But it would be nice to see the consumption in Scriptable Widget.
Actually Widgy has a Widget with info on Data usage, so it is possible to fetch it from the phone.
It would be nicer to get that info by script and create your own customized Widget.