Missing Addresses from contacts

I have calendar events on my phone from an exchange server that have addresses saved in the location field and then phone number data saved in the notes.

What I’m trying to do: I have a shortcut setup to find all my future events then present them in a list. I choose an event from the list and then I have that chosen event saved as a variable (event) which then gets called back again to get calendar event details. I do this several times to extract the following: client name from title field, client address from location field, and phone number from notes field. I then set different variables for these and insert them into a text box that is formatted to create a vCard file. Finally I convert the vcard text into a contact file that my phone can read and then save.

Essentially I am extracting data from calendar events to automate the saving of client Name, phone, and address to my contacts.

The problem: some end results are missing the address and some are not. I have a feeling this may be due to the individual calendar events somehow.

Am I experiencing a Siri shortcuts bug or is there a simpler solution here?

I am sorry if this isn’t clear, I’m happy to clarify if need be. Thanks!

Can you provide some sanitized examples of data that works as expected, data that does not, and your custom Shortcut? Debugging without what you are using is pure guesswork :man_shrugging:

Sorry I didn’t provide any samples to illustrate the issue. It turns out I found the error.

I was using the get phone number from input action and it was pulling more than one phone #. I fixed this by using Get item from list action and choosing get first item. Everything works as I intended.

Thank you for your response