Markdown in Drafts -> PDF

I have a shortcut that will make the input into a rich text doc and then that into a PDF. However, checkbox lists look like [ ] even in the pdf instead of nicely formatted checkboxes like I’d expect in a PDF. I’m wondering if there is a better way to be doing this? Is there a utility that can take markdown and make a pdf on iOS utilizing shortcuts? I don’t want a full-blown editor (unless I can automate it with shortcuts). I just need a nice looking PDF :slight_smile:

The Drafts check boxes are not a Markdown standard. In fact you need to specify them as HTML.

You could do it on the Drafts side with a bit of scripting, but it is easy to do on the Shortcuts side too.

The shortcut below should work, but it will blanket replace, so if you have any Drafts checkboxes in PRE tags or Markdown code blocks they will get converted too, but hopefully it gives you at least a starting point if not a full option. All depends on how sophisticated you need it to be.

Hope that helps.

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Incredible! I forget that we can do HTML in markdown. Thank you so much.