Making a "mirror" calendar by automation

Hi guys,

I’d be really grateful for some guidance/advice as to whether what I’d like to do is viable.

I’ll set out a little background in the hope it helps.

The problem

I run Fantastical as my calendar software.

My occupation is diary based and my professional diary is run by staff at the office. This is done via a MS365 account and my professional commitments are pushed via 365 to my Mac and iPhone. I could access this via any calendar app, but use Fantastical for the feature set.

The diary software my staff use automatically finishes every booking at 23.59. So if it is a 10.00 booking, it’s 10.00 to 23.59. If it’s 16.00, then 16.00 to 23.59. I don’t need to bore you why this is, but we’re stuck with it. So I’m trying to find a workaround.

The effect of this is that my diary has huge time blocks taken even if the 10.00 meeting is an hour, the rest of the day is blocked out. I’d like to avoid this.

What I’d like to do

I would like to automate a process whereby I have a calendar that mirrors my work calendar but then amends the appointments and makes them all end at 17.00. This would enable me to only look at this calendar leaving me free to time block my evenings.

Is that possible?

Views and assistance gratefully received.

I think that might be interesting to know :nerd_face:

How do you know how long a meeting really is?

If you had three meetings in a day that all started at different times, would they all end at 23:59?

When are additions made to a day’s calendar? Always before the day, or can amendments be made on the day?

Are meetings ever edited or deleted? If so, could this happen on the day?

Do you want the changes managed by one of your devices, or is integration with an automation/integration cloud service viable in terms of your organisation’s IT security?

Do you have access to Power Automate on your 365 account?

Answering these should give a clearer idea of the underlying need, issue, and type of replication trigger that might be required/viable for you

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