Mac: Calendar event alerts don't make sound

I’m trying to set up a shortcut to automate some calendar tasks. However, I’m finding an issue where events created with Shortcuts don’t make sounds when their alerts appear. I’m using the produced events to remind myself to take breaks while working, so I depend on an audible cue to get my attention.

Here’s a sample shortcut. I can’t share one directly, but I’ll tell you how to make a simple example.

  1. Create a new Shortcut
  2. Add a block to “add new event” starting at the current date + 1 minute (I calculate that using an “adjust date” block)
  3. Set the alert to “At time of event”
  4. Run the shortcut and wait until the time the event starts
  5. If you’re like me, the notification will appear on your desktop but make no sound

If I create an identical event in the Calendar app directly, the standard alert sound will play when the event starts, so this appears to be related to Shortcuts. Sounds also play as expected when I run an identical shortcut on iOS (my iPhone XR running iOS 15.5). Finally, if I edit the alert manually in the Calendar app after it’s already been created, a sound will play.

Do any of you have similar issues? Is it a bug with Shortcuts that I’ll have to deal with manually? This is on Monterey 12.4. I’d appreciate any help tracking it down.