Looking for Taskpaper syntax for adding Note to new OF task

I understand much of the Taskpaper syntax for so many options to add a new task or project to Omnifocus, but I can’t seem to find anything regarding how to add a note to one of the new tasks being added.

My use case is that I’m going to use it in Shortcuts to grab a Ulysses ID to pass in with an x-callback-URL in the note section of a new task in Omnifocus. I’ve got the callback URL working fine, I just can’t seem to get that to populate into the Note field.

From memory: Indent the note to the same level as the task/project + 1, but don’t start with -:

- This is a sample task @parallel(true) @autodone(false)
	This is its note

I copied the above task from OF :slight_smile:

I got the impression indentation wasn’t necessary.

But I’m sure it can’t hurt - except in “mixed mode” i.e. tasks interspersed with Markdown it could lead to the indented stuff looking like code.

(In my private Markdown interpreter I use “mixed mode” and my renderer pops the tasks into a slide at the end as a table, complete with @tags and @due.)

Brilliant! Thank you both. That worked.

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