Looking for a robust workout data scraper for Shortcuts

Hey all - I have a bunch of fitness Shortcuts that put data in various places (Numbers, Notion, DayOne, etc). They work great, but now I’m looking for more.

I currently use Toolbox Pro to pull some data, but it’s very limited (Only returns start/end, duration, distance, total cal and weather). There is so much data (avg heart rate, elevation, pace, active vs. total calories, etc) that I’m manually inputting now. Maybe even maps based on GPS data and heart rate zones over time. All the data is there, just no way to pull it.

I’ve hacked some stuff together, like getting heart rate data between the start/end times of the workout, but it’s hacky and fragile. I’d love for Toolbox Pro to add more workout data points (and yes, I’ve sumitted feedback to @mralexhay :slight_smile: ) , but I’m also open to trying something else.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I am working on adding more data for workouts and activity in TBP2.

Here’s one action that grabs the workout map if it’s a run etc