Lock screen contact info - superimposed on wallpaper

I had an app which would take an image (iOS Wallpaper) and let you easily edit your contact information, and then output a new version of the wallpaper with the contact information overlaid on it.

That app is no longer working, but it seems like a good task for Shortcuts, but I’m flummoxed as so how to make the image-to-overlay.

Anyone got an idea for this one?

Oh look, @RosemaryOrchard has already done this ages ago:

Hrm… it’s not working for my iPhone XS Max wallpaper. The modified image shows up when I look at the image in my Photos, but then when I go to use that same image for the lockscreen, it just shows the original image, unmodified.

I don’t get it. If I export the image, the overlay is very obviously there as well.

Here’s the wallpaper I am using (the red one):

and here’s a short screencast of what it looks like when I try to use it.


(I tried to embed it, but it wouldn’t play.)