List item separation to Taskpaper


I have a list in Shortcuts than would like to be set has separate tasks in Text box to be imported to OF as Taskpaper.

How do I separate this list?

Can anyone help?


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If it is a text list, then you want to prefix each line (which you could do with regular expressions), or split the text and work through incrementally adding your prefixes. If it is already a Shortcuts list then it is pre-split and so you could just loop through all of them.

At the end, if necessary, use the combine text action to put it all together and then I guess copy it to the clipboard, ready to paste in to Omnifocus; which Is what I’m assuming “OF” relates to in this instance, or via the Add Taskpaper to Onifocus action.

But Shortcuts does have direct integration with Omnifocus for individual tasks, so this blog post by @RosemaryOrchard might be something that would provide the starting point for an even better method of getting the content across if you need to set some additional Omnifocus data that isn’t covered in the Taskpaper format.


You can skip the clipboard section, and just add the combined tasks straight to OF.

Technically according to Taskpaper syntax they should start with -, but in practice this is only necessary if you have hierarchy (sub tasks within action groups).

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That is why I said “or” :wink:

Wouldn’t that mean it doesn’t distinguish note entries or does it always expect those to be indented?

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If there’s no task indicators it assumes all tasks, if there is at least one task indicator it assumes anything without is notes - I’ve not experimented enough with indentation to know how much of a role that plays.

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