Letterhead documents from iOS

Good morning all,

This may be a simple answer, but my quick searches haven’t returned anything. So, I thought I’d ask the crowd here before digging in the wrong direction.

A few times a month, I’d like to be able to produce one-off letterhead documents, complete with my logo in the corner and signature information at the bottom. I’ve found I like to work in Markdown, especially on the iPad Pro.

I’d like to be able to type a document - then push a “put on letterhead button” and have a signed document ready to email to the party that requires it.

Tools I’ve dabbled with - iAwriter, 1Writer (for Obsidian), Drafts, Shortcuts, Scriptable, etc.

It looks like iAwriter might be able to do this if I set up an HTML Template. (I don’t know HTML particularly, but if this is the best way I can learn.)

Can a Drafts Action do something like this more easily? I looked on the action directory and didn’t come up with anything.

I know there are “make PDF” steps available in Shortcuts, etc. However, I haven’t seen the ability to add graphics, etc.

Thanks for any help. I do have a Mac available to do things like templates, although ideally I’d like to generate these from iOS.

You could certainly do it in Drafts, but I’m afraid I have no idea of the comparative ease exactly against other solutions.

Here’s something I helped a student teacher with a while back. It takes Markdown content from Drafts and then transforms it into a final formatted PDF via Shortcuts. The output here is a table, but there is absolutely no reason that the proforma couldn’t be a more traditional type of document.

Why wasn’t I informed that @sylumer had a blog? :grin:

Will block some time to next week to catch up on his work!

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Thank you so much for the information. There is quite a bit to look at in that post, but its certainly given me a head start on one direction to look to solve the issue. I truly appreciate it.