Launching a Keyboard Maestro macro from Things

I’ve got a recurring Things task with a URL in it to launch a web page I need to check every day. Once I get there, I have to click a couple things to get it into the right state, so I created a Keyboard Maestro macro to click for me. The macro works great, but I want it to run automatically when I click the URL in Things.

Keyboard Maestro generates a URL you can open to launch a macro. These URLs start with kmtrigger:// . I can paste a kmtrigger:// URL into Safari, and it’ll launch the macro (after I click “Allow”). When I click the same URL in Things, it doesn’t do anything.

Any ideas for how I could launch this macro from Things? A URL doesn’t have to be the solution—I’m open to trying different things.

  1. KM has a web server you could use and I think is the ideal choice here. You can trigger with URLs of this format https://localhost:4491/action.html?macro=<YourMacroUUID>&value=<TheTriggerValueToPass>

  2. You could have the task just remind you to press a keyboard combo that you associate with the KM action. This has an added advantage if you wanted to quickly run it more than once a day; but it is accessible via KM anyway, so it is just a speed thing.

  3. If you have a need to remotely do this (with no VPN, SSH, etc.), you could consider the remote trigger option.

Hope that helps.

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The web server was exactly what I needed. Took a little bit of poking around but now it’s working great. Thanks!