LaunchCuts 1.2 Available: More power and customization for organizing your shortcuts

I am happy to announce the latest version of LaunchCuts, which is now available on the App Store. Here’s a look at the new features and improvements in LaunchCuts 1.2. As always, full documentation available at:

Folder Icons and Colors

Customize the look of your folders with icons and colors.

Custom App Icons

Choose from up to five icons to represent LaunchCuts on your iOS Home screen. More icons will be added in the future. If you’re a designer, send us a new icon design, and it may be featured in a future release of LaunchCuts!


Quick Actions

Easily access your three favorite folders or shortcuts by long-pressing the LaunchCuts icon from the iOS Home screen, the Spotlight search results screen, or the Siri Suggestions screen in Spotlight.

Filter and Analyze Shortcuts Actions

Two new actions join the Get Folder , Get Folders , Launch Shortcut , and Open Folder actions to give you more control of LaunchCuts from your own shortcuts.

  • Filter Shortcuts allows you to find shortcuts using multiple criteria.
  • Analyze Shortcuts can tell you which of your shortcuts interact with select apps (e.g. Toolbox Pro, Pushcut, or Scriptable) or have specific actions (e.g. Comment or Set Variable).

Enhanced Keyboard Support

Control nearly every aspect of LaunchCuts from the keyboard:

  • Navigate through your folders.
  • Change the sort setting for folders and shortcuts.
  • Move through your shortcuts using the arrow keys.
  • Run the selected shortcut by pressing Return twice.


Great release! LaunchCuts continues to Sherlock shortcuts of mine. :slight_smile:

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Amazing update! Does anyone know a good resource for the wfworkflowactionidentifier for each shortcut action needed for the analyze step? Thanks!

I just returned to this thread to post this very question. I agree. That would be extremely handy for the analyze shortcuts custom action.

@adamtow, if I create a new folder, I’m seeing the folder and icon/colour sync between devices. If I edit an existing folder, the update to folder/colour doesn’t appear to propagate, even on force quitting and reloading the app.

Is this unique, intentional, or erroneous behaviour?

I can manually get around this if required, but seems unusual to have mixed behaviour.

You can run this shortcut to get a list of all actions:

Shortcut Action List:

They definitely should sync. How much time are you waiting? It’s not instantaneous.

Shortcut Action List will display a list of action identifiers for you. They are pretty self-explanatory what action they refer to:

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Well, I set the icons and colours first. Hours passed. No sync. Created new folder, near instant sync. Changed folder colour on other device just before I last posted and waited maybe two minutes, then checked back a few minutes later for that but it didn’t sync then… but checking now, that has synced since, but certainly took more than 5 minutes. First set of changes has still not synced.

Maybe it is just a glitch for me? I can easily manually fix it in about 5 minutes of effort, but it is curious behaviour.

Try updating the problem folder on both devices. Then, wait a few minutes before changing the icon/color on one of the devices.

I had to push a change to the database schema, and that might be why they aren’t syncing for that one folder.

Do changes happens quickly with newly created folders? e.g. after creating a new folder, edit the icon. Does it change on the other device?

As above, new folders changed quickly.

I went through a few hours ago and manually updated them all, so now everything is in sync on both devices. Once I did that, I tried a few subsequent changes and they were completed in-step within a few seconds.

It feels like the earliest updates were locked out-of-sync. Once a new update was applied that match, the lock was released and then changes were the same as for new folders.

hi adam,
is there a LaunchCuts tutorial available?

thx in advance

I’d first take a look at the documentation:

There are a few tip videos on Twitter:

I’ll start tagging future videos so they are easier to find. And, I’ll be making more of them in the future.

If you have a specific question, let me know. Happy to help!

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