Kids Bedtime Shortcut - Problem

Hey everyone! I made my first custom shortcut that turns my iPad or iPhone into the sound machine for my kids while sleeping. Unfortunately every time I try to run it with the Siri command “Sleepy Time”, it only opens the shortcut itself and does not run. Once I press ‘Run’ on the Shortcut, it works but never through Siri. Does anyone have any recommendations?

When you go into the settings, did you tap the “Add to Siri” and record a voice command?

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I did that after originally setting it up. So when I attempt to open it with voice command with Siri, it just opens the then stops.

Try removing and reassigning the Siri command.

If that doesn’t work, try posting a screenshot of the command that you have set in the system.

That worked! I think it found the “suggestion” for running that Shortcut instead of the actual Shortcut which was causing issues.

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