Keyboard Maestro: Toggle Light -> Dark Mode w/ Custom Settings

I’ve been really enjoying Dark Mode when I’m working in low-light, or late at night. However there are still a few apps that don’t support automatically switching, and I also like to have a darker wallpaper on my desktop so I don’t get blinded when I quit apps. :blush:

I cobbled together this Keyboard Maestro macro that I’m using to adjust a few settings for things. Currently, it:

  1. Toggles Dark Mode on/off.
  2. Switches my Alfred theme.
  3. Changes out my desktop background on all monitors.

I’m triggering this using Alfred and the wonderful Alfred Maestro workflow.

I figured others might get some use out of this.

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This is great, thanks @kennonb!

I wasn’t aware of the Alfred / KM workflow. It works really well.

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