Issues with time of day shortcuts automations in 14.0.1

Is anyone else having issues with timed automatons in the latest version of iOS? I have a few running in the middle of the night and I’ve noticed that they will run up until midnight and then not happen when a day transitions until I restart my phone.

My automations have the confirmation dialogue turned off.

More context, I’ve got automations running on iPad and iPhone and I’m getting the same issue with each device.

Automations will run up until midnight, then any automations after midnight won’t run and I’ll get no notifications until I reset the device.

Timed automations were working great for me. But I had one not trigger couple of days ago. Will start testing them again and report back. Hopefully iOS 14.1 is out soon.

I appreciate the input. I have been getting the same result since posting. my timed automations are controlling an Apple TV via the Remote actions - so I’ve tried setting up a separate automation that will change my phone settings early in the AM hours to see if my problem is Apple TV or with Shortcuts. I’m getting no notifications on device after midnight, so I still think Shortcuts is the culprit and this just started with 14.0.1. I’ll post back if I learn more.

More evidence - I threw in some random timed automations last night and one just before midnight, as expected, none of my subsequent timed automations have been running since this morning

I might try heading to iOS 14.2 to test it again.

Keeping others updated, but 14.2 beta 2 is no better than 14.0.1. I can reproduce this issue every night and I have not been able to find a fix other than restarting my phone after midnight.

I found a post on Reddit where others were complaining about the same thing:

Is there a way to turn off those notifications?

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There is actually, I posted about this here

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I might have the same problem.

Yesterday I created a bunch of shortcuts to update a Charty graph that displays the production data of my solar panels every 2 hours. While I did get 2 notifications of a shortcut being executed, the graph was still empty. When I ran the shortcut manually the graph did show production data from sunrise until now.

Glad it’s not just me. I’m really bummed because this was the one feature I was most excited about.

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I did not have to reboot my device though.

After running the shortcut once the automation kicked back in.

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My automation runs at 5am (creates a daily journal note) before I get up. I’ve gone ahead and linked it back to my morning wake up alarm. That used to be rock solid, but it’s also had problems running my shortcut (and I’ve rebuilt it multiple times). Hopefully they will figure this out and fix soon.

Interesting, I wonder if I can leverage this workaround to kick things back into gear. Tonight I’ve set up an automation that emails myself and then shortcuts will respond to an email from me to me to try and get things triggered again. I’ll report back.

I wonder what your result are, because it did not work for me on a second device.

Might have been a lucky coincidence only?

So interesting update, your suggestion did help. I scheduled an email to be delivered at 12:08 AM - unfortunately, Shortcuts didn’t pick up the email until 12:50 AM, but it did kick my 30 minute timed shortcuts back in to gear. What is interesting is it skipped over my 12:15 and 12:45 shortcuts since they occurred before the email came in.

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Update: the latest beta of iOS 14.2 seems to mostly solve the problem for me. The caveat is I can’t get any automations to run between 12AM and 1AM local EDT time.

My theory: This bug was preventing automations after 12AM somehow by getting the system ‘stuck.’ I think they’ve fixed this from breaking the whole system, but it is odd that there’s a one hour gap where time of day automations simply won’t run.