Issues with Calendar&Reminder

hello there, i have some issues : i can’t get the correct dueDate when i retireve some specific reminders
all these reminders are synchronized from Microsoft To-Do,here’s the process:

  1. i logged in my outlook account through ’ settings → reminders → accounts’ , as i need to synchronize reminders between microsoft todo and ios reminders
  2. create a task in microsoft todo, in there i set the due date as ‘2021-04-01’ and alarm as ‘2021-03-30 18:00:00’,then this task automatically synchronize to my ios reminder
  3. open my ios reminder, there will be a new item with ’ Date 2021-03-30 & Time 18:00’
  4. in scirptable, use CalendarEvent.between to get this item, log its dueDate, it’s ‘2021-04-1’

i guess the CalendarEvent object has some hidden properties, like ‘alarmTime’?
is there? and if it is true, how can i get those properties?

and another quesion:
is there a way to get the alert time of a calendar event?

I’m sure that it is possible to access these fields because I’ve seen it in third party calendar apps but it seems that they’re not included in Scriptable and therefore you can’t access them from your script.

You may ask @simonbs politely, if he might add them one day.

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There are some APIs missing in Scriptable to properly handle due dates and alarms. I have it on my todo look into it but haven’t gotten around to it yet unfortunately.