Is UWB/Airtags/Homepod mini the key that we have been waiting for to solve automation issues?

I can imagine a lot of scenarios that Airtags/Homepod mini could solve if implemented as a trigger in Shortcuts. Entering/leaving rooms etc. What are your thoughts on this, do you think Apple/Shortcuts team has considered this?

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A little early (unless I missed something) to do more than speculate. I’m interested in this topic but we don’t know what AirTags will do (or if we’ll be able to afford them).

Yes It’s a bit early but I am really looking forward to this, they can add it as a trigger since It’s implemented in every current phone and Homepod.

I’m hoping someone posts on this as soon as the next iOS update comes out, or possibly the next beta. I will buy some AirTags if they can be used to trigger automations.

Well, they certainly seem affordable.