Is there any way to set accessibility attributes (e.g. UIAccessibilityLabel) for images, etc?

Hi all,

I’ve only begun dipping into Scriptable, and have straightaway stumbled into an issue. I am working on a modification of a script which uses images extensively in its widget view. I’d like to be able to properly identify these with UIAccessibilityLabel so that they are announced as something more helpful than just “image” by VoiceOver, since I’m a blind VoiceOver user.

I can’t seem to find any accessibility support in the Scriptable documentation, although the app itself works pretty well with VoiceOver.

Am I just missing something? Is there a way to define the various accessibility properties available to UIKit elements? I hope I’m just missing something.

Thanks so much for any guidance


Unfortunately this isn’t possible at the moment. As you’ve said, there is nothing in the documentation and usually there aren’t any hidden properties. Especially for your use case it wouldn’t make any sense to hide them from the documentation.

@simonbs is the developer of the app. Simon, can you please have a look at this? Adding a property to WidgetImage to set the UIAccessibilityLabel would resolve this problem and maybe help a lot of people. At least on YouTube around 15 to 20% of the viewers use captions (I might have the wrong numbers in my head), therefore providing something similar in widgets would be great!

Unfortunately Scriptable doesn’t support accessibility labels on widgets as of writing this but I have it on my todo list to add it in a future update.

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Thanks for the quick responses.

I’m disappointed there isn’t a workaround, but I’m glad to know this will be fixed in the future. Except for a few elements here and there, the app works pretty well with VoiceOver. I’m looking forward to building more scripts with it.