Is there a way to trigger location-based shortcuts?

An example would be:
Open my grocery list in Things, when I enter the supermarket.

Or when I enter location X switch to Wifi Y.

Thanks a lot in advance :ok_hand:

I don’t believe Shortcuts supports that.

You could use LaunchCenterPro for your first example. In fact I find this works especially well since you can tie multiple locations to a trigger and specify “working hours” so it doesn’t go off if the store is closed.

As for the WiFi… I don’t think iOS supports that.


Ah true it only supports switiching of WiFi as a whole. Sorry I assumed otherwise.

Oh I didn’t know that Launch Center Pro. I did set up a lot of url-based shortcuts in LCP, but they often are painful to maintain, especially more complex ones.

Can’t wait for LCP 3.

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I just released GeoCuts, a shortcut that works with my Cronios shortcut, to automatically run shortcuts based on your current location. Unlike LCP and location-based reminders, you don’t need to tap on any notification banner to get the shortcuts to run.

More information in this post or at the GeoCuts home page:

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