Is there a way to subscribe to a podcast in multiple podcast apps simultaneously or close to it?

Hi there

I’m new here and have a question that i’ve been researching for a while… namely if there’s a way to subscribe or add a podcast episode to a podcast app (like say Overcast) and have that automatically subscribed or added to other podcast apps. Interestingly I couldn’t even find anything related to this question on google. My use case is basic enough… I just want to be able to listen to my podcast in any platform. So for instance, my firetv and echo doesn’t have pocket cast or overcast but they do have spotify… The problem with spotify though is that you can’t export out your subscriptions and there are many cases in which I utilize the features in say Overcast or Airr when I’m on my iphone. It seems then that it’ll be easier if I could just subscribe in one app and have it automatically done in all.

Thanks in advance for any tips on how I can possibly set this up