Is there a way to customize/ control notification actions for specific applications?


I have spent about an hour or two searching the internet for a way to customize/ control the actions prompted in the notification center, and have had little luck in finding a solution. I started by looking into iPhone Shortcuts and quickly found that it is not possible to clear a notification using a shortcut/automation.

What I am trying to do is allow for a notification from a specific app to be “marked as read” (for lack of a better term) instead of just cleared from the notification center. For most apps you can press and hold the notification and you are prompted with various options from Gmail having the archive and reply options.

Before spending any more time looking into this/ learning how to use Scriptable(lol), I just wanted to see if anyone knows if this would be possible?


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Each app defines what options are offered, within the framework of what notifications are permitted to do. Therefore it depends on the app you are using and it is always going to be through the context menu.