Is Slack Down example script broken?

I’ve been trying to get the example “Is Slack Down?” Scriptable script to work with no luck. Here’s a screenshot of it, with the error below. Any idea what’s going on?

It turns out there’s a bug in the script. It’ll be fixed in the next update. req.load() should have been req.loadString().

Here’s the script with the fix:

// Checks if Slack is down by examining their status page. Works perfectly with Siri.
let url = ""
let r = new Request(url)
let body = await r.loadString()
if (config.runsWithSiri) {
  let needle = "Smooth sailing"
  if (body.includes(needle)) {
  } else {

Aha! Thank you very much for the reply. Looks like I need to get better at Javascript…

Just downloaded the app and starting playing around. Is it possible just to check the HTTP Status Code verses looking for text on the page?