Is it possible to choose a Focus mode from a list and turn it on?

This sounds as though it should be straightforward, but the simplified shortcut below doesn’t work.

The Turn Focus Mode on/off action accepts variable input; the variables in the list (as far as I can see) match my focus modes; but the shortcut always turns Do Not Disturb On. (This is true even if I remove Do Not Disturb from the list.)

The first two actions (get current focus and turn it off) were added just to make sure a current focus mode being on wasn’t getting in the way somehow. It doesn’t alter the output.

You can, but focus modes are not (currently and frustratingky) set by name. They are a type of item/object and you need to specify the entire object.

The following approach works where you use the focus mode name to drive a condition that then uses the focus mode item/object in the setting.

Hope that helps.


Perfect, thank you. I’d have never figured that out.

And for those searching the same problem for Workouts, the same solution applies:

Choose from menu with “Open Goal” (or similar)