Is it possible to access Data Jar from Scriptable?

Two apps from @simonbs so there must be a way…

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For now it is via Shortcuts. He’s mentioned this being requested several times.

Have a listen to him talk about Data Jar on the iPad Pros podcast, episode 78.


Interesting podcast, the answer is in the last two minutes. So we should not expect an api access soon.
And if you need to set up a value in Data Jar from outside shortcut, the only solution now is Pushcut. It might be simpler to use some json stored in icloud then…

I’m curious what your use case is for connecting Scriptable to Data Jar? I downloaded Data Jar as I’m a huge fan of Simon’s work and active in Scriptable, but I haven’t found a use case where Data Jar would be preferable to just using the FileManager API in Scriptable.

Well if you consider Data Jar as the ultimate storage for Shortcuts, then you want to access that data from anywhere… I was thinking of global variables.


Here is a fun little shortcut for managing a tea timer with handy granularity and persistence for future runs.