Is Cronios Real?

This looks quite interesting - the ability to run Shortcuts in the background without a Pushcut server.

But some aspects of the site raise caution for me.

Is this real or some sort of malware?

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It is real @adamtow can probably fill you in.

Cronios has been replaced by the Autocuts shortcut. The developer also has an app called MFC Deck with even more functionality.


MFC Deck looks very interesting - thanks

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This is interesting in the MFC Deck documentation.

It says that iOS 14 includes an “updated Time of Day trigger” which can “run automatically without confirmation.”

Does this refer to the standard Shortcuts app or only to shortcuts using MFC Deck? See Background Automations with MFC Deck | MFC Deck

The Time of Day trigger is built-into Shortcuts on iOS 14.

The Background Automations feature of MFC Deck is more like an interval trigger for iOS 14. It;'s not perfect, but gives you a sense of how such a trigger might work in a future version of iOS.


I’ve used the time based trigger in the past, certain time of day. But I’m waiting to be able to have almost the functionality of cron at some point. I could set a trigger to run every hour. But I think right now you can’t do that, you have to list 24 specific triggers, one for each hour?

Yeah, setting up 24 triggers is the way to go. You could also run something like Pushcut Automation server on a dedicated device and have that run your shortcuts.

Stepping back, what do you want to accomplish every hour? Perhaps there’s a way to do it using a HomeKit automation?