Ios13 Routine Hub Add

When I click and add a routine from Routine Hub, all is well until I actually have to approve that thing. Is there an easy way to scroll to the bottom of all the steps? I was installing something the other day after listening to the most recent show and it was 1200 lines of code I had to scroll though. Ha

Isn’t the point that you review it before running it? To make sure it can’t accidentally or intentionally do something unwarranted.

Most definitely - it is required you accept and approve it is from an untrusted source. But if the code in the shortcut is really long - you have to do multiple window scrolls to get to the bottom where the approval button is. There is no way to collapse the code to jump to the bottom. All you are agreeing to is INSTALLING the routine into your library - you aren’t even actually executing the shortcut yet. So really I think maybe it should be a toggle display on long coded shortcuts. That way if you choose to take the chance and install without reading every line of code, you can zip to the bottom o the dialog and approve and get on with it, reviewing the code later if necessary.

Quick question. Do you get a confirmation on first run or is the load the only confirmation.

Just the initial download/load