iOS13 HomeKit change light color


Currently i’am experimenting with Shortcuts on iOS13 and HomeKit. I get a value back from a AirQuality-sensor (eve Room 2) and like to control the color of a light (green = excellent, yellow = good, red = poor).

What hardware-solutions are out there and what works reliable?

On my list for now:
eve Flare
eve LightStrip

Does Philips Hue supports colorchanges via Shortcuts? Thx for your help.

Colour changes in HomeKit compatible lights are supported by Shortcuts, it’s a bit buggy right now on my version but its there.

One thing of note is that you cant use values to set colour or brightness from a variable, only what you set the Action to.

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Thx. I will evaluate/filter the value via if() and then set the colors directly.