iOS 14 cannot "Get the state of My Home"

I upgraded to iOS 14 (was previously on the betas but did not notice if I had this issue). When I got o shortcuts and add the “Get the state fo My Home” action I am unable to set the accessory I want to get the status of. I have an older shortcut that uses this action and it works fine but when I try to add a new “Get the state fo My Home” it does not work. If I am remembering correctly when you select the accessory it usually asks for permission to access it. But, I am not seeing that anymore so I am wondering if that is the case. If anybody has experienced anything similar or has an idea on what it might be I would appreciate any thoughts. Also it is the same on my iPad and iPhone.

P.S. Sorry quick update. This only seems to happen with the Apple TV. I can get status of other HomeKit things (lights etc).


Same issue here - I used to be able to get the state of a HomeKit enabled LG TV, but that is not working on the GM release now.