iOS 14.5 Shortcuts Wallpaper Bug

I noticed a new but annoying bug in iOS 14.5 for those of us who set the wallpaper using a Shortcut or Automation.

In 14.4, when you had an image the same proportion of the display, and you used the Wallpaper action with perspective zoom off, it would perfectly fit the display.

For some reason, in 14.5 the wallpaper is zoomed in quite a bit. I think most people wouldn’t notice, but if like me you’re someone who sets a wallpaper which is perfectly proportioned to your Homescreen so it aligns with the icon grid / dock / notch, this can really be a point of frustration. People using the Club MacStories wallpapers will know what I mean!

I made a shortcut to work around this issue, which you’re welcome to download here: Shortcuts

Through experimentation it seems you need to end up with an image which – with a border added – is pretty much 1.134 times the size of the original image (at least on the 12 Pro Max). You can use the “Run Shortcut” action in your own workflow, passing in your image and the result of the Shortcut will be a modified image which you can then run into the Wallpaper action and once again have a perfectly proportioned wallpaper.

I’d also be curious to know if others have been impacted by this issue as well.



Argh. I do the same thing. Not often, but … sigh

I’m so tired of Apple releasing point updates that break stuff that worked before.

Given that 14.5 was in beta for multiple months, you’d think something like this would have been reported and fixed.

Tell me about it :slight_smile: It’s doubly frustrating as Apple don’t fix bugs out of cycle, so the best which can be hoped for is a fix in 14.6.

At least in this instance a workaround is possible using Shortcuts itself.