iOS 13 Shortcuts Automation help needed for time

So I could not contain myself and installed iOS 13 dev beta. I went straight for the automation tab in shortcuts, my goal to dim the screen a bit when using my airpods at night. To my disappointemt only one precondition was available, connecting airpods to bluetooth but not the ability to add a second precondition such as time, I dont want to dim my screen everytime i use airpods just certain times.

So I thought i could solve this with a simple IF statement but i couldnt find any parameter where you can set inbetween two timestamps.

Can anyone help?

You’ll need two if statements.

  • Date
  • If (greater than the time you want to start)
  • If (less than the time past which you don’t want it to do this)

I would highly recommend using 24 hour time and formatting the date as just hours: HH.

Thanks Rosemary I will try it straight away, hope your ankle is better btw!

Ok i went at this again but I am still stuck, while I get the Date in a IF statement i get Day/Month/Time. I dont want that I only want “Time” since I want it to repeat unbound by day. I got the option to choose only “Time” but once selected the “greater than” option disappears. Maybe im stupid.

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Hmm i found a way around, if i choose date as today I can choose inbetween times everyday. Got it to run once but I have not managed to get it to run again, guess shortcuts needs a little more love. Plus it would have been nice to preview your automations.

The automation part of shortcuts in iOS 13 beta is real broken at this point. NFC tag reading just stopped working for me entirely on beta 4, as well as my “hen any alarm is snoozed” automation. No errors, no explanation, they just don’t work.

(I can rescan the NFC tag, so I know the NFC subsystem is working properly, I just can no longer actually trigger an automation by scanning a tag).