iOS 13.1 Beta - Is Automation Working For Anyone?

I tried a few simple time based and WiFi automatons but nothing works.

Is automation working for anyone?

Not for me, it was a few betas ago, but now it’s just gone

I have several NFC triggered automations that work fine in iOS 13.1b2. I have tried any others yet.

I created one that is supposed to launch my radio app and start playing a particular station when Bluetooth connection is sensed in the car. It works - in the sense it pops up a dialog that requires at a minimum 2 clicks to APPROVE the running of the script and eventual launching of the action. In my book if you have to Approve an automation every time you run it - it’s not so much an automation as a convenience and that could even be argued.

In other words my “automation” fires as expected but is useless because of the os limitations.

Ah. Yeah, the Apple ethos is that you have to DO something for an automation to run. So, tapping. NFC counts, but arriving somewhere or connecting to Bluetooth are both passive things, so you have to confirm.

I think they’re wrong, but I understand their thinking.

But they’re wrong.

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My biggest annoyance about these is you can’t name the automations. So if it’s one that doesn’t automatically run (like time of day) you don’t necessarily know which one it is. I’ll admit it, I’m still using Launch Center Pro for this.


The model should be “verify on first run" rather than “verify each time”. With some “tamper detection”.

I totally agree. Especially when I miss the original time trigger, I go into Notification Centre and see 4-5 triggers waiting for confirmation; it would be nice to be able to differentiate which was which.

I had one set to run a shortcut when my “Wake Alarm” was stopped. It started but then encountered a communications error (per the dialog). Reported via feedback. This feels very much like still an early beta (as far as the automations go). I was hoping that the time they had “out of limelight” when the Automations tab was removed would give the team some breathing room to get it right. Its not like time or proximity based actions are new to Apple - they run fine for the most part in the Home app, so not sure what the issue is.

They will get it fixed, I am certain. And hopefully they will relax the need for intervention, though it will only take one rogue action sending private data out to the world to shut it down completely…