iOS 12 Shortcut reference to key.txt file not working

I have a workflow (obtained from “Dark Sky Check” where it takes my Lon, Lat and then refers to a file on iCloud called “key.txt” in the folder “/Shortcuts/Logins/Dark Sky/“ and then comes back with the forecast.

The error I am getting is that the file key.txt does not exist when in fact it does… Additionally when I change the shortcut (aka workflow) to give me a document picker and I point to the key.txt file in the same folder “/Shortcuts/Logins/Dark Sky/“ it works.

Any suggestions… many thanks!!

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My gut tells me that this might be a permissions problem? Can you verify that that the Shortcuts/Workflow app is able to “see” the files in your iCloud world?

Seems to be working for me.

Give this test shortcut a try. It writes a second file to the same location and then immediately reads it back.

Tried this one and yes it works — soo weird … I suppose i could just hard code the key into the shortcut — …

Thanks for the help

Weird thing I noticed is that on my iCloud Drive (via web browser the folder shows up as “Workflow” but on my File app on my ipad it shows up as Shortcuts… not sure if that has anything to do with the issue…

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Shortcuts effectively takes over the Workflow folder. I noted this during the beta. But given that my test case works for me and for you I’d say there’s something else at play.

Perhaps backup your key file and create a new one, maybe with a new name and use my test shortcut to ensure the access to it works. Then transpose the equivalent actions to your ‘real’ shortcut.