Instapaper EU Workflow woes

I am trying to get a workflow working that send the current url from Fiery Feeds to Pocket, Pinboard and Instapaper. I have got the Pocket and Pinboard bits working but as I am in the EU, GDPR is preventing the Instapaper part from working properly unless I have my PIA VPN switched on. Can anyone come up with a workaround for this?
I am sending to Pocket because I want it there as a safety net in the case of Instapaper finally pulling the EU plug. The workflow tags the article in both Pocket and PB but is just sending to the root folder of IP as I triage them on a regular basis
Thanks for any help anyone can give

What about using IFTTT to replicate any new item in Pocket into Instapaper? It supports Pocket, Pinboard and Instapaper as services.