Insert variable content with space between lines

I have a shortcut that I use frequently that prompts for numerous pieces of data relevant to a meeting, and then creates a shell of a note in Drafts that I use for taking meeting notes. Works fine.

One of the variables, “what”, is to collect agenda items. It opens a prompt, and I enter the list of topics one by one, prefacing with “1. “, “2. “ , etc.

I’d like to modify the shortcut so that when it pastes the contents of “what” into the new note in Drafts, it double spaces between each line of “what”. I want to do this so I have a ready-made spot in the note to place the cursor and start typing.

I’m not sure how to format “what” so that it gets pasted this way.

I think what you are after is something like this.

It will capture some text, split them by line, prefix a sequence number and then combine them back using two new lines. This effectively leaves a blank line between each item.

If you want more, or diffeent spacing, just change the content of the text step at the start.

Hope that helps.

Perfect! Exactly what I need. Many thanks :clap::clap: