Including a second tag with AppleScript

I would very much appreciate help with this!

To add a regular task to Omnifocus with one tag I use the following -

set my_date to (current date)
tell my_date
	set {its hours, its minutes, its seconds} to {0, 0, 0}
end tell
tell application "OmniFocus"
	tell default document
		set theTag to the first flattened tag where its name = "My Studio"
		set theProject to first flattened project where its name = "SIngle Action"
		tell theProject to make new task with properties {name:"Automated task entry", defer date:my_date, primary tag:theTag}
	end tell
end tell

What I need to know is can I include a second tag. The actual tag exists and is called ‘Accounts & Finance session’

If this is possible, how should I change the script?