Improve Syntax Highlighting

I noticed that the syntax highlighter doesn’t do anything special for ES6 string interpolation (or is it template literals?). e.g. Hello ${username} just displays as a regular string.

Also wondering if I should be posting all bug reports here or if you prefer if I report them somewhere else.


Yes, the syntax highlighter renders the ES6 templates the same way as strings. Do you think it makes more sense to differentiate between the two?

If something is an obvious bug, I think it’s easiest if you sent it to me an e-mail. You can do that through the TestFlight app.

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It WOULD be nice to see the variables within the interpolated string a different colour.

(I use Sublime Text to edit PHP and it DOESN’T highlight variables in a string and I really wish it would.)

I also noticed that I missed this pretty quickly. It really helps to avoid errors in creating string literals, which will probably be quite a common task in a quick scripting environment. My preference would be for the text inside ${} to be highlighted the same as text outside the string.

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