Import PHP to Scriptable


I’m a newbie with Scriptables and Widgets.

I have a Webpage with https://zyx/xyz.php when I open the webpage the result look like this.

"{“result”: {“gameScore”: [“844593”, “3614362”]

is it Possible to import the values to Scriptable ?


It looks like some of that content might be missing (looks curiously close to being JSON data), but Scriptable can retrieve web content.

The built-in XKCD comic example would probably give you an idea of how to retrieve the content into a variable.

In terms of widgets, there are many examples taking web content for weather and pandemic data from the web and publishing them into a widget.

Welcome @West_cliff! Is that result truncated when your PHP returns it? If so it won’t work with a JSON parser. If not, let’s see the full result.

By the way, you might want to remove “PHP” from the title as this doesn’t seem like a PHP problem. (I say that as someone who maintains some PHP code.)

Thanks the Problem is solved I have now the right JSON File.

THX to all

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