IFTTT for automators show notes

I’m trying to create an applet in IFTTT for the show notes. I have one (copied from Katie, I think) for MPU. I can’t find the RSS for just the show notes. When I try to copy the RSS for other parts of the podcast, it tries to open Apple News. Can someone help?

We have two RSS Feeds: one with the Relay FM show notes, and one with the blog post which accompanied each show:

If you copy and paste either of these into the IFTTT Applet it will do what you want I hope - but tapping will nearly always open in News :slight_smile:


How does this work? What applet do you use and does this save the shownotes to somewhere for you?

The easiest thing is to do an RSS Feed to Evernote or Dropbox :slight_smile:

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