Idea | Split Ulysses sheets by specified number of lines


I sometimes convert webpages to Ulysses and end up having 60,000 characters, which slows down the app, especially when making edits for long lists. I suppose I could use Textastic, but I need to learn regex if I want to make it quicker. My other option is to edit small sections of the sheet in Ulysses. I have chosen the latter for fluidity. I had some difficulty with splitting by a specified number, it doesn’t help that my test case was a single line.


I want to create a shortcut that does the following
[ ] Analyzes how many lines are in sheet
[ ] Asks user to choose how many lines b4 new sheet
[ ] Calculate how many lines equal that number
[ ] Preview new sheet contents
[ ] Reopens Ulysses.

Split Ulysses sheets by line count