I see iOS PB 3 is out now and looks like it includes Siri Shortcuts?

I’ll get to tinkering, looking forward to this.

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Installing now! Thanks for the tip!

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can’t see any signs of a shortcuts app…

I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking for, but right now I’m in Settings -> Siri & Search

and I see a bunch of functionality in there?

So there’s the Shortcuts in Siri & Search which is the one where you can add voice commands.

Then there’s the Shortcuts app … which is in beta through TestFlight (highlighted by red box). That’s where ou can build a series of actions that chain together and do somehing. Kinda just like Workflow workflows :wink:

Which from the home page looks like Workflow with a UI touch up.


Thanks, I saw this but haven’t had a chance to try anything yet:

@sylumer the shortcuts in the siri settings have been there since beta 1, I hoped the shortcuts app would also be in public beta. I don’t have a paid developer account so won’t be able to do the testflight thing.

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They may end up doing a public beta later on!

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I am also on the public betas since pb1 and so was aware.

I also don’t have any sort of Apple developer account, but I do use Testflight and have Shortcuts beta via that. There’s no dependency there. The app developers control who can have access to a beta via Testflight but any user could use Testflight. However until you are invited to a beta it doesn’t really do anything.

@sylumer that explains it :smile:

I have a dev account but not a paid-up one, so I don’t see the Shortcuts beta. Is there someplace you can request an invitation to Shortcuts if you only have the iOS 12 public beta? Or do you need to know someone? :sunglasses:

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There was an opportunity for developers to sign up, but not one for the public as far as I know. I obviously couldn’t sign up for the developer one.

I’m not exactly sure why I got an invite - only the folks at Apple know for sure.

I was on the Workflow beta previously so that might well have something to do with it, but equally I don’t know if everyone from that set of testers got an invite or just a sub set.

Maybe my mum was right and I’m just special :laughing:


I’m jealous. For real. :slight_smile:

So am I !!! Really jealous