I have a few questions about using scriptable as a first time user


Having just bought an ipad I am on a mission to automate stuff so you will see a lot more of me now.

I am using iPadOS 14.0 Beta 3

I am playing about with Scriptable and I have a few questions.

I don’t really know Javascript that well but I’m keen on learning if it makes my life easier.

I’ve created a dummy script in Scriptable, added it into IOS Shortcuts and run the script using Siri. When I run the script , Siri shows that its running Scriptable above Siri in the right hand corner of my screen, can this not be done in the background? I don’t really need to see what its doing, I just want it done.

Where do I find all the documentation to write Javascript for the iPad and Scriptable?

Can Scriptable use Applescript?

I know the following can be done using IOS Shortcuts but how do I create a folder in icloud and call it a name based on an input asked by Siri?

Do all folders need to be created in the Shortcuts folder? I hate this!


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Am also a beginner scriptable user but will answer to the best of my ability

  1. You can avoid showing a scriptable pop up in Shortcuts by unchecking “Show when Run” in the action settings
  2. javascript stuff specific to Scriptable can be found in the documentation of the app, by clicking the little page icon by the console in a script. general javascript, dunno. Google it.
  3. no, scriptable does not support applescript
    4/5) no, not only in Shortcuts folder. You can pass in the name of folder to the script using:
var reminder = args.shortcutParameter;

you can also use the “createDirectory” command for creating a folder. I have not gotten it to work.

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