Hyper Key without Karabiner Elements

Oooohh. I’m 100% trying this, as I think that Karabiner Elements is still causing an issue when I try to reboot.

The only downside is that Karabiner Elements will let you define two things:

  1. Press + Release = Any Key
  2. Press + Hold = Hyper Key

So I could make “Press + Release” be “Show Alfred” and then use “Press + Hold” for Hyper Key.

Does this work with my usage style - which is to press Caps Lock and have it pop up a menu of actions? (In my case a Keyboard Maestro conflict palette.)


BetterTouchTool has been updated to provide both Hyper Key features:

  1. Press + Hold Caps Lock = multiple modifiers

  2. Press + Release Caps Lock (no other modifiers) = trigger other action

That “other action” can be something like ⌥ + Space for Alfred, which is what I used.

More details at the BTT forum:


This is awesome news, thank you guys for sharing. I was just getting ready to suck it up and deal with the crashes since I don’t shut down my Mini all that often.

Only small complaint is for some reason BTT randomly doesn’t prevent the green caps key light from turning on, but I can live with that.

Edit: correction, I restarted after the install and I haven’t been able to get the caps key light to stay on, so I think I’m good now.

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